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About the Performance

Premiered: New York University Theater, NYC

‘Within’ had a singular performance at the Navajo Community College Dance Workshop on July 1, 1976. The piece was danced by Laverna John with Nia Francisco, Rebecca Lewis, Mary Liszak, and Susan Sluder.
The dance, in four separate sections, expresses man in various states of being. The dance consists of; a Duet - concerned with the inconsistencies and shifting duality of love; a Man’s Solo - a carefree, buoyant dance of remembered youth; a Girl’s Trio - a spirited dance of maiden youth; a Woman’s Solo - that speaks of boundaries, both physical and psychological.


David Chase, Dian Dong, Roxolana Babiuk, Bill Gornel



H.T. Chen


Benjamin Britten

Additional Credits

Lighting: Stephen Palistrant

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