Chen Dance Center

Founded in 1980 by Mr. Hsueh-Tung (H.T.) Chen, the School (formerly known as Arts Gate Center) is a year-round arts school offering Ballet, Modern Dance, Chinese Martial Arts and private piano instruction to over 250 students each week. With a diverse and qualified faculty and staff, the school offers a means of cultural development for both children and adults on a citywide basis.

The School's curriculum is specially designed to suit every age group and level of competence. The faculty is comprised of highly trained professionals with many years of teaching experience in dance and music. Most members of the faculty hold a Master's degree in their specific field. Nicknamed the "Chinatown Juilliard," the School is proud to have Juilliard alumni on its staff, and instructors from reputable academies in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Admission to the School is accomplished through an interview process; students must show a keen aptitude and interest in order to enroll in classes. Classes are conducted in a manner as to prepare young students for further professional studies, and older students for professional work. In addition to the regular schedule of classes, special workshops with guest instructors are held for advanced students. Recitals for all students are held twice yearly.

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Goals of the School

  1. Provide arts training of the highest quality to the community.
  2. Enable talented children and young professionals to pursue dance and music training through low-cost tuition and scholarships.
  3. Cultivate an aesthetic sensibility in the Asian-American contemporary and traditional arts, while developing technical proficiency.
  4. Encourage the development of new Asian-American choreographers.