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Ear To The Ground

Ear to the Ground (ETG) was established in 1995, with support from the Jerome Foundation, to provide Asian American choreographers with commissions to create new work. Included in the commission are three public performances at the CDC Theater, 40 hours of rehearsal space, the use of a professional lighting designer, publicity, and an honorarium.

ETG is presented semiannually in the spring and fall. To be considered, you must:

  1. Be an Asian American choreographer.
  2. Live in one of the five boroughs of New York City or Minnesota.
  3. Send in a résumé and DVD/VHS sample of your previous work to:
    Chen Dance Center
    c/o ETG
    70 Mulberry St., 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10013
  4. Create a new modern dance work of 20-30 minutes in length.

Previous artists include: Abby Man-Yee Chan, Marie Alonzo Snyder, Lenora Lee, Elaine Wang, Sahar Javedani, Anita Cheng, Noopur Singha, Hou Ying, Sam Kim, Perry Yung & In Mixed Company, Keo Woolford, Kun Yang-Lin, David Liu, Satoshi Haga, Sharon Estacio, Tomomi Arai, Felix Chen, Akim Ndlovu, Potri Ranka Manis, Kristin Jackson, Krithika Rajagopalan, Grace Mi-He Lee, Ju-Yeon Ryu, Cheronne Wong, Ting-Chu Cho, Ernest Abuba, Fong Kuang-Yu, Chung-Fu Chang, Eunhee Ko, Lisa Chow, Li Minh Tam, Yin Mei

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newsteps is a semiannual dance series dedicated to supporting and providing professional performance opportunities to choreographers who are creating innovative and risk-taking works. Since its inception in 1994, this series has produced over 100 artists.

Auditions for newsteps are held in the spring and fall with a total of 4-6 choreographers selected to participate in each round. Choreographers, selected through live audition, are provided with free rehearsal space, an honorarium, and three public performances at Chen Dance Center. To apply, choreographers must call the office on a specific day to receive an audition date and time. For the audition, each choreographer may present up to 7 minutes of work(s) with remaining time left for discussion with the audition panel. Pieces will be no longer than 10-12 minutes in total. All auditioned works must be new or in progress, and should not have been performed in New York City three months prior to, or after, the newsteps performances. Arrangements must be made in advance for pieces having special technical needs or requiring clean-up.

Please check our website for up-to-date audition information, or join our e-list to receive audition notices.

Previous artists include: Cornfield Dance, Soomi Kim, Guillermo Ortega Tanus, Glitterati, Akiko Tomikawa, Lisa Crawford, GoGoVertigoat Dance Project, Mana Kawamura, Leanne Schmidt and Company, Hsiao-Wei Hsieh & Hsiao-Ting Hsieh, Bryan Campbell, Jessica Cook, Julie Fotheringham & Jarryd Lowder, Emily Pope-Blackman, Dana M. Reed, Catherine Galasso, Whitney Jacobs & Christopher Campbell, Toni Renee Johnson, Molly Lieber, Siri Peterson, Makiko Tamura, Mana Kawamura, Heidi Latsky, Jennifer Lott, Dorian Nuskind-Oder, Beth Simons, Emily Pope-Blackman, Summer Brown, ShaLeigh Comerford, Rachel Mckinstry, Liz Riga, Laurel Snyder, Anthony Whitehurst, Melissa Guerrero, Margaret Paek, Sahar Javedani, Adele Myers, Emily Power, Amber Sloan, Kim Blanchard, Mark Drahozal, Jeremy Laverdure, Ana Marambio, Anne Moore, Beth Simons, Hattie Mae Williams, Anne Zuerner, Box by Three Dance Co., Hattie Williams/Tattooed Ballarinas, Miriam Hess, Jessica Ray, Adrienne Westwood, Cara Hagan, Julie Gayer, Erin Ming Lee, Lenora Lee, Marie Sato, Amy Osgood, Elaine Wang, Andrea Shasgus, Francine Ott, Akiko Bo Nishijima, Maria Colaco, Felix Burkle, Ryoko Kudo (Limon Company member), Daniella Hoff, Tzveta Kassabova, Petra Martin, Carlos Orta (Former Limon Company member), AKRNYM, Cristal Brown, Naoko Morita, Sari Nordman, Nora Stephens, Marie Alonzo, Maggie Lee, Kate J.F. Lieberman, Liz Madden-Zibman, Kate Martel, Jesse Phillips-Fein, Rachel P. Lane, Melinda Ring, Monica Bill Barnes (popular contemporary artist), Michael Freeman, Rebecca Patek, Chellamar Bernard, Jamie Jillian Philbert, Jenny Rocha, Dana Ruttenberg, Nicole Berger, Kelly Hayes, Sun Ho Kim, Stephanie Lazzara, Toni Mellaas & Lily Gene Baldwin, Lydia Taranco, Joshua Bisset , Shannon Hummel, Summer Morgan, Valerie Norman, Laura Peterson, Naeko Shikano, Vicky Virgin, Anne Zuerner, Lily Baldwin, Justin Jones & Christopher Yon, Eliza Miller, Mindy Myers, Michelle Pritchard, Jessica Reed, Francisco Rider Da Silva, Rome Quezada, Hannah Ramsey & Dixon Mena, Katri Shaller, Joel Sherry, Anna Sperber, Christopher Earle Williams (current DNA artist in residence), Cary Baker , Nell Breyer, Danielle DePersis, Catherine Hourihan, Cleo Mack, Jamie Philbert, Jorelle Pome, Joel Sherry, Joshua Bisset, Melissa Briggs, Satoshi Haga, Jill Meadows, Ellen Sinopoli, Chynthia Bueschel, Erin Cornell, Isabel Gotzkowsky, Barbara Mahler, Himiko Minato, Kim Berney, Jennifer Copaken, Donna Davenport, Heather Harrington, Sam Kim, Tam Le, Si-Hwa Noh, Aijun Chang, Yasmeen Godder, Michelle Nolan, Mollie O'Brien, Melanie Rios, Kristen Smiarowki, Dagmar Spain, Hsin-Ping Chang, Kacie Chang, Faith Pilger, Tami Stronach, Catherine Tharin, Marie Alonzo, Charles O. Anderson, Ilaan Egeland, Jane Franklin, Guta Hedewig, Susan Heijari, Susanne Losquadro, George Stamos

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Teahouse Performances

Teahouse Performances (est. 2005) is a delightful event perfect for the whole family featuring H.T. Chen & Dancers repertoire, live music, Chinatown refreshments, and pre-show activities (such as calligraphy lessons) that connect to the evening's performances. Each semiannual production includes a unique repertoire, music, and activities combination. Guests receive VIP treatment (despite affordable ticket prices), being served jasmine tea, plum wine, and Chinese treats during the show, and all have a chance to meet Artistic Director, H.T. Chen.

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CDC is proud to offer its Theater and studios to independent modern dance choreographers looking to produce or rehearse their own work. To learn more, click on the "Production Services" tab at the top of the page.

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