Apple Dreams

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About the Performance

Premiered: World Financial Center, New York City

H.T. Chen’s use of space, dynamics and imagery is masterful and the Winter Garden captures his imagination as a canvas for Apple Dreams. Scenes expand and contract, bringing the viewer on a journey from the mundane to the magical. Mr. Chen paints in broad strokes, yet allows intimate details to emerge. In one scene, 15 dancers fill the space with running, shouting, spinning - creating a vortex of energy. This is followed by a scene where a tiny boy ventures alone into the woods in search of treasure. Infants, elders, tree ghosts, colorful banners and goddesses inhabit the fantastical world of Apple Dreams.

Commissioned by arts World Financial Center with support from the Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan, ROC and Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority. Co-presented by H.T. Chen & Dancers.


H.T. CHEN & DANCERS: H.T. Chen, Yu-Chien Cheng, Dian Dong, Maria Garvey, Sarah Godbehere, Kayan Lam, Dionysios Mitsios, Kimberly Prosa, Despina Stamos

GUEST DANCERS: Mica Bernas, Evelyn Chen, Kristy Engel, Joanie Johnson, Pagan Jordan, Kiori Kawai, Christina Knight, Takao Komaru, Kyrie Oda, Helena Teply-Figman, Katti Yamashita, A yeeli

SENIORS: Milton Kerr, Shirley Ubell

PARENTS & CHILDREN: Justin Tyler Lee, Karen Magon with Saajin & Seyvik, Amisha Mehta with Mira & Tage, Elizabeth McPherson with Cora Cadman, Brynn Edyn Rosen with Itai Hendin, Johnny Tsui with Jessica & Samuel




H.T. Chen


Fitz Patton

Additional Credits

Costumes: Nancy Bous
Lighting: Stephen Petrilli
Photos: Carol Rosegg

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