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Our Pre-Ballet A class in creative movement for five-year olds introduces boys and girls to the joy of movement, music and imagination. In Pre-Ballet B (6-7 years), children continue to explore the fundamentals of Ballet and Modern Dance, while building self-assurance, health, and coordination.

Formal training in dance begins at age 7 with classes available to develop the potential dancer throughout the teen years. An integrated syllabus of Ballet and Modern Dance offers the young dancer the opportunity to develop skill, grace, discipline, and a heightened sense of well being. Utilizing these foundations, the students will be encouraged to develop their own movement vocabulary through use of Creative Dance and thematic material.

The Modern Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Body Conditioning classes are geared toward teens and adults seeking professional instruction or exercise. These classes provide instruction to students in the art of movement, as well as body fitness and vitality.

The School’s special relationship to H.T. Chen & Dancers enables the School to enhance the growth of qualified advanced students with opportunities to perform. Students ages 7-Adult are encouraged to develop movement studies for performance in the School’s “Chance to Dance” concerts, presented semi-annually. The Company also has a longtime relationship with LaGuardia High School for the Arts, and students are encouraged to further their studies at specialized high schools or at college. In addition, the School presents its students in showcases so that parents, family members, and friends can celebrate their progress and achievements.


Students are accepted by audition and interview during the registration period. Piano classes are only offered to enrolled dance students. Pointe classes, at both the beginner and intermediate level, are for regular students only, and are at the discretion of the director and instructor.

Enrolled students and their families must abide by the rules stated on the signed registration form.

The School of Chen Dance Center does not allow make-up classes for any missed lessons due to sickness or weather.


For admission to classes, students must be properly attired.

Girls in Ballet:

  • Pre-Ballet & Ballet I: Pink Leotard with skirt, Pink ballet tights, and Pink Ballet Shoes.
  • Ballet I/II: Pink Leotard without skirt, Pink ballet tights, Pink Ballet Shoes.
  • Ballet II: Royal Blue Camisole Leotard, Pink ballet tights, and Pink Ballet Shoes.
  • Ballet II/III: Burgundy Camisole Leotard, Pink ballet tights and Pink Ballet Shoes.
  • Ballet III, III/IV, IV: Black Tank or Camisole Leotard, Pink ballet tights, and Pink Ballet Shoes.

Girls’ hair must be securely fastened into a bun, short hair should be held off the face with headbands.

Boys: White fitted T-shirt or tank top, black ballet slippers, and black tights or shorts.

Modern dance students must wear black leotards and footless tights.

Students in Hip Hop or Body Conditioning classes should wear comfortable clothing with hair securely fastened. Street shoes must be left outside the classroom.

Tuition Payments

The School year is divided into three terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Tuition for all classes must be paid in full for each semester at the time of enrollment. The School prefers payment be in the form of a check or money order.

(Note: Families with more than one child enrolled are charged the full rate. Should it become financially difficult for your children to continue dance lessons, please speak to us about financial assistance.)

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