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The School of Chen Dance Center will hold classes from September 12, 2020 - February 7, 2021

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The School (est.1980) offers quality training in dance, music and fitness to children and adults year-round. The faculty is comprised of highly trained professionals with many years of teaching experience.

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「陳 學 同 舞 蹈 中 心 」在 1980 年 由舞蹈家陳學同先生創立提供 芭蕾舞 、現 代 舞、街舞及鋼琴課程 ,師資皆為專業高學歷組成, 給予學生最專業化的訓練。



  • Credit for Spring 2020 classes that were cancelled will only be applied for Fall 2020 classes 在线课程将取消适用于秋季课程的春季课程
  • If you were taking Spring 2020 classes and would not like to join Fall classes please email us 有關春季學期課程的退款,請給我們發送電子郵件
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