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Heart of Grace

Heart of Grace Main Image

About the Performance

Heart of Grace strips away the fac’ade of the mask in traditional lion dance to reveal the caged being within, exploring what it means to be human, animal, fanciful, and majestic. Drawing images from the uncanny, Chen invokes Chinese mythological creatures and legends, likening them to the contemporary demons that pursue us in our everyday reality.


Antoine Gadpaille, Renouard Gee, Sarah Godbehere, Lynn Huang, Kayan Lam, LunShan Liao, Li-Ann Lim, Chia-Chen Shen, Despina Sophia Stamos, Dito Sudito


Heart of Grace Bursting with Heritage

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Dense with Grace

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H.T. Chen


Cao Bao-An (Commissioned Score)

Additional Credits

Costumes: Linda Ross
Lighting: David Lander
Video Design: Eric Harriz
Video Design Assistant: Steven Cowles
Slides: John Wang

Photo: Carol Rosegg

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