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Longmen Mountain

Longmen Mountain Main Image

About the Performance

Premiered: La Mama, NYC

Sourced from the name of an ancient grotto in China, AD 494, Longmen Mountain speaks of the Chinese Buddhists who traveled the Silk Route of that time. Longmen is one of the many cave-temples that served travelers along the Silk Route, and were the centers for Buddhist pilgrimages. Longmen Mountain is a poetic work, heightened in its theatricality with the use of floor to ceiling banners and religious paintings. In the dance, stylized Chinese movements and gestures are combined with the elasticity and bold attack of modern dance.


Bambi Anderson, H.T. Chen, Wei Chen, Dian Dong, Lynn Frielinghaus, Kristin Jackson, Long Phi Nguyen



H.T. Chen


Li Tai-Shaing

Additional Credits

Costumes: Eiko Yamaguchi
Lighting: Edward Matthews

Photo: Daniel Lee

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