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Opening the Gate

Opening the Gate Main Image

About the Performance

Premiered: La Mama, NYC

Opening The Gate is a ‘throbbing, swirling spectacle’ (Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times) that evokes a ritualistic passage to freedom. Choreographed by H.T. Chen and using a commissioned score by Bradley Kaus with live drumming by dancers and musicians, the work speaks of the struggle to one’s fulfillment through a progression or evolution.


Hikari Baba, Chao-Hui Chou, Cathy Lin, Paul D. Hays, Wayland Quintero, Sheila Carreras-Brandson, Shu-Man Hung, Amy Lee, Kasei Inoue, Dagmar Reichert


East Meets West as Partners or Duelists

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H.T. Chen


Bradley Kaus

Additional Credits

Costumes: Sylvia Taalsohn
Lighting: Tommy Wong and David Lander

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