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About the Performance

Premiered: Dance Theater Workshop, New York City

I. angels and lawyers
II. the spirit’s nocturnal crisis
III. contradictions of flight
IV. pigeons of every color
V. rinsed of charity and malice

Described by the New York Times as “one of New York dance’s most persuasive story-tellers”, Mr. Chen’s SHIFT is a bold, company work that delves into the recesses of the sleeping mind, playing out the beautiful, surreal, exciting, and often eerie livelihood of dreams. Set against a commissioned electronic score by Fitz Patton, and lighting by Joe Doran, the dancers’ motions and emotions move seamlessly from the agitated, to the satiated, and even the quirky. They come together momentarily, stopping to share a slow dance or accomplish a task, and then drift apart, back to their personal journey.


Yu-Chien Cheng, Maria Garvey, Sarah Godbehere, Enrique Guzman, Kayan Lam, Dionysios Mitsios, Kimberly Prosa, Chia-Chen Shen, Dito Sudito



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Song in Motion

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H.T. Chen


Fitz Patton

Additional Credits

Lighting Design: Joe Doran
Set Design: Eric Harriz
Costume Design: Nancy Brous

Photo: Carol Rosegg

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