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Gary Champi

Gary is a dance artist originally from San Diego, CA. He performs between New York and Seattle, drawing on experience with a variety of choreographers, touring nationally and abroad. He teaches commercial dance and contemporary modern at the University of Washington and is authorized by the Merce Cunningham Trust (MCT) to teach Cunningham Technique®. He has presented choreography in NY and premiered four new works in Seattle in 2022. He is invested in dance research and scholarship and also has experience restaging dance work, as an assistant for Cunningham repertory, and for H.T. Chen & Dancers as an original cast member of South of Gold Mountain. Gary worked in many capacities for MCT from 2011-2020, holds a degree in Cognitive Science from Stanford University, and is an MFA candidate at UW.

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H.T. Chen image

H.T. Chen

Co-Founder & Choreographer

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Dian Dong image

Dian Dong

Artistic Director

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Renouard Gee image

Renouard Gee

Renouard first performed and toured with H.T. Chen & Dancers in 1988, and was a lead dancer with the company for over a decade.

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Ari Someya image

Ari Someya

Received her certificate from The Merce Cunningham Dance School, and has been with H.T. Chen & Dancers for thirteen seasons.

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Keyasha Williams-Bailey image

Keyasha Williams-Bailey

Graduate of New World School of the Arts/University of Florida, and has been with H.T. Chen & Dancers for six years.

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Glenna Yu image

Glenna Yu

A graduate of Princeton University, Glenna is an NYC-based movement artist.

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Joanie Johnson image

Joanie Johnson

A performer, Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist and founder of Strong Mom Mom Society.

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Richard Sayama image

Richard Sayama

Graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a BFA Modern Dance and B.A Business.

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Seneca Lawrence image

Seneca Lawrence

Received rigorous training from the Boston Ballet and a BFA from SUNY Purchase.

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Torrey McAnena image

Torrey McAnena

A graduate of Marymount Manhattan College, Torrey began her dance training at Metropolitan Ballet Academy.

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